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Hand Sanitizer

Expertly formulated in the USA

Exceeding WHO and CDC Standards.




Discover the Best Hand Sanitizer on the Market

Lab Tested and OTC Certified Gel Based Sanitizer that kills 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria.

Keep employees and customers safe with effective and long-lasting protection.

- FDA Approved - 

- GMP Registered -

- CDC Recommended -

Our formulas exceed all WHO and CDC Guidelines with a 70-75% base ethyl alcohol by volume. While competitors push low quality and alcohol free products, the CDC strongly recommends alcohol based sanitizers with 60% or more alcohol volume.

Our sanitizer also uses a proprietary formula that moisturizes the skin after use without leaving them dry, and does not leave an overpowering scent!

We take the health and safety of your business, employees, and your clients seriously. 

Order Our Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

Our factories can produce  thousands of gallons per day, therefore the needs of your business will be met whether you are a small facility or a large hospital.

Product is available and ready to ship. Our formulation and warehouses located in the USA for a consistent and predictable supply chain. 

No more buying big brands with no support. With Pharma GenRx, you can work directly with one of our dedicated reps and receive unmatched service.

Wholesale Pricing Available

We Will Beat Your Supplier's Price

Avoid overpriced and inferior hand sanitizer products, and stick with Pharma GenRx who has combined decades of experience in the Health Care Industry.

We combine great prices, superior quality, and top tier service to every client, customer, and partner. 

Eliminate the middle man and work direct with a company that cares. Keeping your business safe and healthy is not an expense, it is a necessity. 

We cut excessive markups that you currently pay to the big name brands

Pricing is available 50% or more cheaper than our competitors

As Low As $0.07 PER OZ.

Available Sizes

MBloom Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer - 1 Gallon (Case of 4)

MBloom Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer - 1 Gallon (Case of 4)

$119.95Regular Price$71.97Sale Price
MBloom Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel 8.5oz (12 Bottles)

MBloom Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel 8.5oz (12 Bottles)

$59.95Regular Price$47.96Sale Price

33 Sheridan St, Youngstown Ohio

Looking for large order pricing?

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We are a New York based company focused on manufacturing and

providing the highest quality products.

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