Next-Generation of COVID-19 Testing

Saliva Antigen Rapid Test

Featuring Touch-to-Test Technology

covid-19 saliva rapid antigen test.png
  • No Throat or Nasal Swab

  • No Lab Equipment or Readers

  • No Buffers or External Reagents

Lab Accurate with 15 Minute Results

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Touch To Test Technology



No nasal or throat swabs are required. This results in greatly increased patient comfort, and a reduced chance for contamination. It also allows for more accurate results due to poor sample collection from swabs.


Rapid 15 Minute Results

Rapid results have typically been exclusive to swab tests. With our groundbreaking saliva test we are able to deliver results rapidly and more accurately.


No Equipment Required

No buffers, external reagents, or instruments are required for this test. This test was designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. 


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