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CBD+ Capsules

Created By Nature. Perfected By Science.

Our Hemp Oil CBD+ Capsules have been specially and uniquely formulated for maximum absorption. They deliver highly bioactive CBD directly into your system in the safest and most effective way.

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Why CBD+?

While normal CBD can be effective, its tendency to be broken down by the liver means it’s not very bioavailable. 


Our unique CBD+ Capsules are designed to change that. Their CBD is protected from premature breakdown by enteric-coated, acid-resistant vegetable capsules.


The result of all this? Pharmaceutical-grade precision.


Our CBD+ pills are released in the lower GI tract, which maximizes absorption and bioavailability leading to maximum benefits.



Enteric-Coated Capsules

We use an acid-resistant, enteric coated vegetable capsule to prevent the CBD from getting degraded in the stomach or broken down in the liver.


Pharmaceutical-Grade Bioavailability

We combine the greatness of nature's hemp oil with the power of science and technology to create the best CBD pill for sale on the market with a powerful and unique formula.

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THC-Free CBD Isolate

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a compound from the hemp plant that provides therapeutic effects. Our formula is 100% THC free to reap all of the benefits without the euphoric "high" of cannabis.

Once ingested CBD can have powerful homeostatic (i.e, balancing) effects on the body’s immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. CBD may also act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant agent, and anxiety reducer.

100% Safe to Use - Our THC Free Isolate is free of the "high," thus eliminating user reaction while making it broadly available to all users.
Best in Industry Bioavailability - We strive to solve health challenges in progressive ways with years of science and research. Our CBD+ Capsules are on the forefront of this.
Vegan, Organic, and GMO Free - We use only premium ingredients sourced from the finest hemp plants in the USA along with other organic ingredients to make this powerful formula. 

Benefits of Our CBD+ Capsules

Available in 2 Different Strengths


10mg CBD+ Capsules

25mg CBD+ Capsules

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Optimized Ingredients for the Optimal You.

  • CBD Isolate (THC-Free)

  • Coconut (MCT) Powder

  • Pure Honey Extract

  • Enteric Vegetable Capsule

Our CBD+ Capsules are Independently Lab-Certified

There is a reason we have best in class customer retenetion at Pharma GenRx. 

We Care. 

We produce our products in an ISO-certified facility, then test them at the best independent labs.


We care about the quality and effectiveness of our products and are willing to go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

We Back All Of Our Products 100%

View the CBD+ Capsule Certificate of Analysis Below

Distributor Inquiries?

We supply some of the finest CBD Shops, Pharmacies, and Health Centers Nationwide. We offer all of our products available in bulk with wholesale pricing for approved accounts. 

Reach out to us to talk for more information!