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Pharma GenRx’s mission is to solve the new challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier & longer. By working directly with the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, we have been translating advances in science and technology into effective, scientifically sound solutions that work.

Our Industry Leading Products 

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The Future Of Genetic Sequencing

Our genetic sequencing products are revolutionizing the medical testing industry. These products provide medical professionals and researchers the tools and information they need to accurately treat major chronic conditions. Every person has a unique response to treatment, and the same approach is not always effective from one person to another.


Our goal is to save lives and provide a better quality of life for patients with our advanced testing products.

Our Genetic Tests

Neurological Panel

Our P-A-D Panel examines 35 genes associated with an increased risk of developing:

-Parkinson's Disease

-Alzheimer's Disease

-Dementia Causing Disorders

Patients identified with positive tests may greatly benefit from early treatment


Orthopedic Wounds

Surgical Site Infection in orthopedic wounds can be disastrous and costly. Our Wound NGS panel is a simple swab to provide definitive identification of targeted pathogens. 

Our panel outperforms the standard wound culture by 85%


CGX Testing

 Our CGX test is the first comprehensive cancer risk assessment test which allows insight into the patients propensity toward cancer development.

Early discovery can lead to better understanding of prevention, early intervention, and greatly decreased health care cost over time.


Genetic Testing for Obesity

Recent studies have shown that genetics contribute to anywhere from 40-70% of obesity cases, targeting more than 50 genes. 

Predisposition to obesity discovered early will allow for proper planning in incorporating healthy nutritional patterns, physical activity, and behavioral approaches.


Pulmonary Panel

Our testing products are making advances in discovering rare lung diseases early on. This tests for over 20 different rare and common lung diseases including

-Cystic Fibrosis


-Pulmonary Fibrosis

Many other rare lung diseases that are detected can be treated effectively when discovered early.


Cardiovascular Testing

Our CV test analyzes for various forms of diseases that are common factors in heart attacks and strokes. More than 1 in 200 patients have unknowingly inherited some form of CV disease.

Detecting these types of risks early can be life saving from some of the most common causes of death.


PGX Testing

Pharmacogenetics studies an individual's response to medication. Understanding a patient's reactions allows medical professionals to develop incredibly accurate drug therapy while minimizing the trial and error of adverse side effects.

PGX testing can save lives by ensuring the proper medications are prescribed the first time.

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Regenerative Medicine

Fluid flow is an amniotic liquid allograft from the fluid of the placenta. It has been used effectively by health practitioners to treat soft tissue pain and inflammation, while promotiong bodily regeneration to optimal levels.

Treats Common Conditions Such As:

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Back Pain

  • Ligament Injury

  • Joint Pain

  • Tennis Elboe

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Carpal Tunnel


A Regenerative Approach to Wound Care

Leverage a small sample of the patient's skin to produce partial thickness skin grafts in one week.


Non-Surgical Skin Graft Technology


With just a small sample, we can create up to 3 - 300cm patches of the patient's own skin.

Application Process

Existing procedures are invasive, painful, and inefficient. Here is the simple application process of MyOwnSkin.

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