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Prima-Flow Allergy and Asthma Relief Kit temporarily relieves mild symptoms of intermittent bronchial asthma, including shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness of the chest. Prima-Flow works in conjunction with current prescription or over the counter (OTC) asthma inhalers. Prima-Flow Allergy and Asthma Relief Kit is over-the-counter and is fully compliant with all U.S.A. environmental and regulatory rules and guidelines.

Prima-Flow Allergy & Asthma Kit

Prima-Flow Allergy and Asthma Relief kit includes:


One Epinephrine Inhaler

Capsule Box

Holds ten epinephrine capsules


Storage Case

Holds dispenser and capsules


Prima-Flow Instructions


Take the inhaler out from the case


Remove Protective Cap


Hold the inhaler at the base and note the arrow on the device. Rotate the top part in the direction of the arrow while holding the base of the unit.


Take a capsule from the sliding tray and place inside the lower base chamber. DO NOT PLACE CAPSULE inside mouthpiece tube. Ensure that the capsule is fully seated in the cavity.


Close mouthpiece.


Press the blue buttons simultaneously to pierce the capsule.


Release buttons. Hold inhaler vertically, no more than 30 degrees. Exhale twice, place the tube in your mouth and then inhale fast. You will hear the capsule rattle in the chamber. Hold breath for 2-3 seconds and then exhale.

Epinephrine - Oral Inhalation 0.22mg Per Dose

  • OTC Epinephrine
  • FDA Registered
  • Easy to use Dry Powder Dispenser
  • Fast Acting
  • Affordable
  • No Battery Needed - No Maintenance
  • Portable,Light Weight and Distreet


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